Essential Protection – Downtube Xtra Thick

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Key An extended length DownTube piece to protect this high risk area. The Essential Downtube Kit – Xtra Thick is perfect for protecting against rocks.

The paint protection provides great benefits starting from the aesthetics side, right over to the functionality/ durability. Our Xtra Thick paint protection vinyl is clear high gloss finish polyurethane films that are applied to bikes to protect them from scratches, rock chips, small dents, or swirls caused by trail debris, rocks, cable rash, heal or ankle rub, chain slap and other environmental elements that are thrown into the mix when out on the trails or roads.




  • Frame coverage: ~10%
  • Gloss finish available
  • Included in the box: RW Squeegee, RW Cleaning wipes, RW Install Solution Concentrate, RW Microfiber, Install Key